Best Kids Parties: ONEderland

My Party

Name: Isla, 1
Location: Nashville, TN

We've had one incredible year with Isla in our lives. It was so much fun to celebrate her, along with all of our best friends that also love her and share the joy and the hard times and everything in between. Here are a few photos from the 'Isla in ONEderland' party. It was really fun to put together and a nice creative outlet for me!

Gotta love some pinterest to find all these fun ideas. We held the party in our backyard where we had many "eat me" treats and even some "drink me" sangria for the parents! Other decorations included playing card garland, hydrangeas in tea pots, pocket watches and even googly eyes on our gerber daisies! 

Thanks, Kellie!

(Images: Lovely Mine)


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