Best Kids Parties: Outdoor Picnic

My Party

Name: Gabriela, 1
Location: Elda, Spain

After 10 years working in different countries I came back home to Spain to have my baby daughter and spend some quality time with my family before going abroad again. 

When the time to plan her first birthday approached, I knew I wanted an outdoors small family gathering in my parent’s backyard. 

We are usually blessed with sunny weather but, unfortunately, it was very cloudy and we could only spent a few hours outside before it got really chilly.

I thought a no-chairs setting would be more comfortable for a little lady that doesn't walk yet but is always on the move. I chose the colour palette and made all the garlands, threw some pillows and rugs and voilá. My crafty husband made a bunch of pinwheels; we wanted to incorporate them since it was the first present he ever gave to me.

Food-wise, it was very easy. We had a nice lunch at a local restaurant and had her homemade birthday cake, chocolate dipped fruit on a stick, and mint and watermelon juice for dessert!

It was a sweet afternoon. Most importantly, she was a very happy baby!

Thanks, Maria!

(Images: María José Ortiz)


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