Best Kids Parties: Pioneer

My Party

Name: Charlotte, 7
Location: Oregon

My daughter's heart belongs to another era and so it was perfectly fitting to celebrate her 7th birthday with a modern spin on a pioneer party. 

When I envisioned décor for the party, the elements that came to mind were calico fabrics, flowers, twine, hay bales, burlap & baskets. Anything pretty & rustic seemed appropriate.

My daughter was so eager to help with the details for this party and she worked hard on creating a scrap fabric bunting for the fence post and stitching an initial onto a little hankie for each of her guests. 

The dessert table featured a variety of pies and guests spent the afternoon making yarn dolls, whirligigs, raspberry jam, and lavender sachets.

I made drawstring pouches for the favors which included candies that Laura might have found at Mr. Olson's store, buttons to start a collection, and twig colored pencils.

After devouring all of the Little House books together over the past 2 years, this party was the perfect collaboration and celebration of a sweet seven year old. 

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Thanks, Julie! Readers, if you want to hear more about this party, and see lots more photos, head on over to At The Picket Fence.

(Images: At the Picket Fence)


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