Best Kids Parties: Puffy Clouds

Best Kids Parties: Puffy Clouds

Carrie McBride
Nov 23, 2011

What unexpected and delightful theme for a party! Helen shares: My girls' puffy cloud party was inspired by a poem about...puffy clouds. My identical twin girls asked to make the invitations themselves and I made most of the decorations myself.

Decorations included puffy clouds hanging from the ceiling, old-fashioned newspaper party hats, DIY cloud making, birthday banner, place mats, cloud candles and a playful cloud centerpiece.

My husband read the book Sector 7 by David Wiesner to the guests and then the kids made their own clouds. All the guests received a weather window craft and a copy of the book.

It was such a lovely day!

Thanks Helen! Readers, enjoy more of this party on Curly Birds. Make sure to check out her party-related tutorials: cloud candles, puffy clouds and newspaper hats.

(Images: Curly Birds)

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