Best Kids Parties: Rainbows & Pinwheels

My Party

Name: Thora, 2
Location: Rockford, IL

We live in Oakland, CA, but much of our family is in Rockford, IL. When my daughter turned two, I knew I wanted to celebrate with family. So we packed up, hopped on a plane, and gave ourselves two days execute her little soiree.

I went rainbow because this girl likes to draw—crayons, paint, chalk; if either is in her sights, it's soon in her hands. Frantic running around town ensued, all materials are from Hobby Lobby, Party City, Target and Toys R Us. I had envisioned making her the now-famous rainbow cake (the beautiful white cake which, when cut, reveals six layers of color) but reality hit me hard and we settled on a cake from the grocery store, which was delicious.

We centered the party in my parent's sunroom—creating a focal point with a ROYGBIV of fans, gift bags (containing a set of crayons, sketchbook and bubbles), pom poms and streamers. Off to the side was a crayon table displaying mason jars filled with each color and a bunch of oversized pages strewn about to color on. It was a huge hit with this batch of two-year olds. Even if you aren't doing a rainbow theme, this is a great activity.

Guests were family and friends, all of whom we hadn't seen in at least a year. We had a nice collection of toddlers, babies, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. It was chaotic, amazing and memorable, reminding me of the parties I grew up with, right down to the grocery store cake.

Thanks, Tonya!

(Images: Paint It Yellow)


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