Best Kids Parties: Red Balloons

Best Kids Parties: Red Balloons

Carrie McBride
Oct 6, 2011

The humble balloon was enough to inspire Strummer's colorful party. Bethany shares: Up, up and away! Strummer is 1 today! There's not much Strummer likes more than red balloons. (Cardboard boxes and balls are close runners-up.) So we did a red balloon birthday party!

We used crafting scraps to create paper garlands, a yarn wreath, and other decorations. Food was the most fun: red velvet cake pops, balloon-shape Krispie treats, red grapes on skewers, raspberry jam-center cookies, cherry tomatoes/mozza on skewers and a main course of red beans and rice.

Perhaps the most fun was a blue sky/red balloon photo booth. I took photos of all of our guests with Strummer in the photo booth and sent photo booth film strips as thank-you notes, along with a tiny takeout box of red peppermints and red jelly bean candies with a note: "Thanks for making my first year so sweet".

Best of all, Strummer smiled all day long -- even though he skipped a nap.

Thanks Bethany! Readers, see more of Bethany's photography here.

(Images: Bethany Kohoutek)

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