Best Kids Parties: Simple Balloons

My Party

Name: Anya, 2
Location: Duvall, WA

We had big plans for Anya's 2nd birthday but she fell sick the night before. We decided to just celebrate it at home and turn it into an all-day celebration of her big day. 

We filled up her room with a dozen balloons the night before, decorated up the house a bit and just made sure baby was happy and looked after. 

I had been wanting to try a rainbow cake after seeing them all over Pinterest and thought this would be the perfect occasion. Anya was very excited with her 'Happy Burday Cake' and so was I with how it turned out. The '2' candle was purchased at Party City. 

For the decorations, I tried using whatever was at hand (paper streamers, twinkly lights, homemade tissue paper confetti, along with the party balloons) to get us in the party mood. I purchased party hats at Party City, and fancied one up for the birthday girl to wear. Later on some friends joined in for a piece of cake. 

All in all, it was a good reminder that sometimes the simplest of celebrations are the most precious and memorable.

Thanks, Nataliya!

(Images: Lazy Girl's World)


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