Best Kids' Parties: Simple Silhouettes

My Party

Name: Addie, 4
Location: Dutch Caribbean

This year my sweet Addie girl turned 4 years old and we had a simple little family party at home. We live on a tiny island in the Dutch Caribbean where stores are few and there isn't much available in the way of cute party supplies. Not having a lot of resources available forced me to get creative and, while this little party certainly wasn't an extravagant affair, I love how it turned out.

I knew I wanted to incorporate the color yellow and with that as a starting point I began to gather what things I could find to put this party together. An overseas move means you can't pack things along like your favorite cupcake stand, so I created this three tiered masterpiece using different sized white plates and miscellaneous jars.

A pair of old shutters made the perfect backdrop for our little party table. I added a couple of doily banners (It really took some searching to find those things!) and created the yellow bunting in Photoshop. I cut it out, attached all the pieces to a string and voila! It's super simple, but I love the pop of yellow and have always been a sucker for a pretty font! ;)

Please don't look too closely at my cupcakes. I am not a cake decorator by any stretch of the imagination, but adding a handful of coordinating toothpick flags makes anything look cuter, right!?

For the gift wrapping I created some fun paper flowers, and to personalize the gift bag I created a silhouette of Addie. I then printed it on cardstock and glued it to the bag. Throw in a few old books I got for free from the library, some yellow flowers we picked along the road and a handful of recycled jars and pop bottles and that's it. Nothing fancy and certainly nothing expensive....but sometimes sweet and simple is all you need. :)

Source List:
• Fashion Engraved Font from Fonts 101
• Bunting Template from Scrap Matters
• Custom Silhouette from The Crafting Chickens
• Vintage Photoshop Actions from Addy Lane

Thanks, Rebecca! Readers, visit Rebecca at her blog.

(Images: Rebecca)


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