Best Kids Parties: Sunshine

My Party

Name: Sophie Bird (1)
Location: West Village, NYC

I can basically credit Pinterest for all my ideas and decor that we used and created for Sophie's first birthday. I went back and forth about a theme for a while but wound up deciding on Sunshine because she just is so sunshiney.

I wanted the decor to be broad so we settled on yellow and pink. Our house has a lot of pink - pink rugs, pink horse head on the wall - so it worked pretty well. I got pictures of Sophie blown up huge and stuck them to existing frames in both our kitchen and living room. We got 100 balloons and made a sort of balloon den when you come in - it was pretty awesome.

I made about 98% of the baked goods, save for the party favors from Tookies on Etsy. I made a "sweets table" and baked a 6-layer ombre "sunset" cake from scratch. Not proud of all the food coloring I used but it looked pretty dope. I made all the decorations from inspiration found from the Purl Bee and also from Martha Stewart. I was inspired by clean, vibrant visuals that made you feel like you were sort of in a studio space - but also the warmth of being at home.

I am very proud of this party - I worked my butt off for months! We were surrounded by our best friends and family - Sophie had so much fun and it was such a celebration. Let's just say i will be ordering pizza and booking a play space from now on ;)

Thanks Jessica!

(Images: Elizabeth Andrien)


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