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Name: Lucy
Location: Toronto, Ontario

Lucy is our Little Miss Sunshine - she's funny, sweet and a very happy baby. hHaving a sunshine themed party seemed just right for her!

My mom told me this past Halloween that when I was in kindergarten, I had decided to be a 'sunshine' for Halloween. For my costume she collected everything that was yellow- yellow tutu, yellow top, yellow shoes, yellow wig! I was a sunshine!

For Lucy's first birthday party, I followed my mom's lead - everything yellow! yellow food, yellow decorations and yellow clothes! It all started off with a happy little invitation to lucy's little friends. Then...

• classic poms to hang both indoors and outdoors
• mini poms as cake toppers
• two different garlands: one with scraps of ribbon looped onto string and another where I sandwiched a paper doily and yellow circle onto string
• favourite photos of Lucy's first year
• daffodils and yellow tulips were the perfect fresh flowers

• Elizabeth Mitchell kept us entertained with her cheerful, sunny songs!

• Lucy's mamma and pappa gave her the sunny little sweater
• I made her flower headband using the fabric from an old dress of mine
&bull I made my flower necklace and earrings using vintage beads

Menu: fresh and homemade was the way to go
• mini mac & cheese
• Fnnish karjalanpiirakkas with egg-butter
• yellow beans, yellow peppers, yellow tomatoes and dip
• crakers and cheese
• banana cake with cream cheese frosting
• Finnish pepes
• cake pops
• yellow golden delicious apples, yellow pears, mini bananas, pineapple, and blueberries (since they are Lucy's weakness!)
• lemon and cream pie jelly beans, finnish marianne candies, pistachios, lemon lollipops, and baby banana mum-mums (for the little ones)
• pineapple juice, apple juice, water and coffee

• pin the smile on the sunshine
• hot-sunshine (a.k.a. hot-potato - to which we sang "You are my sunshine")
• prizes: yellow shovel, frisbee, sand pail, bubbles, candies and gum.

• happy face balls, lollipops, tambourines, and 'Little Miss Sunshine books'

Thanks Jenny! Readers, visit Jenny at Mint in the Middle

(Images: Mint in the Middle)


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