Best Kids Parties: Vintage Carnival

My Party

Name: The Gaines Brothers
Location: San Diego, CA

This vintage carnival themed party celebrating my sons’ 7th and 5th birthdays was, without a doubt, my favorite to date. With its timeless theme, festive color scheme, classic games and fun prizes, this party was my ultimate “awesome birthday party” and will be a tough one to top. 

Popcorn, cotton candy, corn dogs, nachos, sweet treats and junk food – that’s what comes to mind when I think of “carnival food”…so that’s exactly what we served. Old-fashioned homemade sweet tea and lemonade, served in large mason jar dispensers, hit the spot on a warm October afternoon. 

Decorations were extensive, and included chalkboard signs, hand-painted backdrops, homemade tissue pom poms, kraft paper table runners and more.

For entertainment, there were carnival booths for ring toss, bean bags and other games. We gave out prizes - even real goldfish for the ping pong bowl toss! There was also face painting and a photo booth complete with costumes and props.

This was indeed a labor of love because there were so many design elements, colors and thematic details. But everything for the most part turned out as I had envisioned it and most of the decorations have now found a place in my home or have been used for other parties and events. 

Thanks, Katie! Readers, there is a ton more photos over on Love Paper Paint, along with how-to projects on all the decorations for this party.

(Images: Lot166 Photography)


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