Best Kids Parties: Yellow

My Party

Name: Corbin, 2
Location: San Diego, CA

Our son Corbin loves the color yellow- so a yellow birthday party in the backyard was brought together with lots of homemade decorations, treats, and quirky touches. 

Little guests wore yellow in honor of the birthday boy and enjoyed playing with a bubble station and in their own kid-sized house decorated with yellow garlands and yellow flowers.

Food was mostly from a yellow palette- bratwursts, mac and cheese, bananas, lemonade. The desserts were also yellow-themed.

Decorations were mostly homemade garlands and flags. We also hung a 'present tent' that the kiddos loved piling into to 'help' the Birthday Boy open his gifts. 

Corbin loved telling anyone willing to listen all about his 'lellow party' with 'lellow cake' and the 'lellow party hats' he and his friends wore!

Thanks, Anna!

(Images: Christmas Tree Face)


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