Best Kids Parties: You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown

My Party

Name: Matilda, 2
Location: Portland, ME

For Matilda's 2nd birthday, we chose You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown as a theme. She loves the movie and can frequently be heard saying things like, "gimme my pancakes, you Blockhead!" 

My good friend, Maggie made some cute "You're a Good Man, Matilda" invites. We had food inspired by the Peanuts gang - Peppermint Patties, popcorn, jelly beans and toast (their Thanksgiving feast!) and a cake that quotes a song from the musical. Outside, the kids flew kites, threw baseballs and kicked footballs around the front yard.

I wanted Matilda to have a keepsake from the party, so I asked guests to write "letters to the little brown-haired girl" and pop them in an old mailbox. Dad dressed as Schroeder and played a mini Schylling piano. Mom dressed as Lucy and her sister was Sally Brown.  

Thanks, Katy!

(Images: Amanda Bell)


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