Best Modern Wall Clocks

Best Modern Wall Clocks

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 18, 2007

We're clock junkies. We collect them, give them and judge them. This is our Top 10 list for 2007 (below the jump)...

It incorporates hi and low, different designers and old and new designs. It is also a great gift guide, because a beautiful clock is a perfect design gift. Behind each listing below is a link to a shop where I found it. These are good shops, but feel free to google around as you can easily find these clocks elsewhere.

We love how different designers interpret the simplest of problems: how to spread the hours of the day around a round face. At one point we had eight in our small one bedroom apartment. Originally intended to help us keep track of time, the love of the design alone stuck with us.

Sadly, there is one clock missing from this list: M & Co.'s "Askew" Wall Clock, which is no longer in production. THIS is our all time favorite and you can see a picture of it right here at Maira Kalman's site along with all the other M & Co. clocks. Love, Love, Love!

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