Designer Thom Felicia has a classic design sense that he always manages to work something unexpected into. In his newish book Thom Felicia Style Inspired Creating )which we checked out from the library), he offers up some great tips for creating warm, modern spaces. We were most surprised by his favorite not-so-neutral paint colors:


With bursts of color dotting the interior landscape, it's nice to have a neutral backdrop to keep the whole room from shouting. And given how difficult it can be to even pick out a good white we were pretty excited to get the insider scoop from Thom. His favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors (that could ostensibly be used interchangeably throughout a house) paint a road map for how to keep the walls from competing with the furniture, but also keep them from looking like the classic swiss coffee that every rental is painted. We especially love the 'sweatshirt grey' and 'china white'.

See his full list of 20 go-to colors in his book Thom Felicia Style Inspired Creating on Amazon.