Best of 3: Home Recycling Storage Solutions
Jonathan B.
Sep 25, 2008

This week at Re-nest, we want to know which one of these recycling solutions you like best. Is it the sleek $179 stainless steel number? The one that's obviously from IKEA? Or the inexpensive and lightweight totes?

Regarding other practical necessities: we're also liking these multipurpose, colorful, and ecofriendly stools/tables crafted from New Mexico pine and finished with milk paint... and we're also looking for advice from our readers on two other questions: first, do you know of a green and effective way to strip our kitchen's terracotta tile floor, which has a embarrassing buildup of wax and dirt? Second, speaking of advice and the kitchen: have you purchased green cabinets lately? Pop over to Re-nest and let us know. Links after the jump.


These colorful pieces can be used as stools or tables—and they're finished with natural milk paint. They're a great way to get a natural feeling into a contemporary space.

Well, our old surefire standby, Lemon Pinesol, is out. So what should we use to get the wax and crud off the floor of the kitchen in our rental?

We're seeing an increasing number of cabinet manufacturers making green claims. Have you purchased green cabinets? We'd like to hear from you with your experiences.

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