Artwork in the Living Room

Artwork in the Living Room

Laure Joliet
Dec 27, 2010

Having just moved into a new smaller space, I'm re-evaluating what I want to have on the walls in the living room. So many questions: go big? Minimal? Salon Style? Grid? And, of course, hanging artwork is notoriously difficult for me, so looking back through the archives I've brainstormed some great ways to consider hanging artwork in the living room.

Top Row:
1. Big, Minimal, Bold: that's what we think of Tina's awesomely minimal living room with this one carefree and oversized vintage poster.
2. To The Max: Sometimes a room calls for a lot of art and in this case, we love the floor to ceiling hanging of artwork in Russel Brown's House Tour.
3. Bold Flag: Emily Henderson is one of my favorite designers and her effortless living room is a big reason why. The red cross brings together contrasting elements and still somehow feels open and modern.
4. Hanging on Shelves: You don't need wall space to hang artwork, try hanging artwork in front of books and objects on shelves for a great layer of texture and color.
5. The Art Shelf: For those that want to be able to switch things out early and often, a shallow shelf lets you casually lean artwork and change it out as often as you'd like.

Second Row:
1. Frame Wallpaper: If artwork is out of your budget or you rent and can't use that favorite wallpaper of yours, consider framing pieces of wallpaper like Jenny and Cristina did.
2. Vintage Art Posters: We love old museum exhibit posters and these are perfectly balanced without being too much.
3. Quotes: find a favorite quote and put it front and center.
4. Go Minimal, Go Vintage: We've long been fans of Morgan's great thrift store finds and her incredible collection of portraits is no exception.
5. Salon Style: in a small space you can go spare or you can go maximize and do a salon style hanging of mismatched frames in different sizes and textures of all of your favorite images.

Third Row:
1. Graphic Text: When in doubt, go with text. This black and white banner is the perfect exclamation on a modern and simple living room.
2. Nudes: Though so far we haven't gone this route, it's certainly got a time and a place and if you're going for it, why not really make a statement like Ofer Kamil did.
3. Easel it: A combo of text, black and white photogrpahy and the addition of an easel keep this living room interesting and also cut down on the commitment factor since you can change out the easel any time!
4. Polaroid collage: A classic from Domino, pasting a number of polaroids and snapshots above the fireplace provides a focal point and a reason for guests to explore artwork up close--great for a small space.
5. Supersized Family Photos: blow up a family photo to be the backdrop for gatherings.

Last Row:
1. Frame a Collection: in this case, a collection of vintage cameras from Tim Melideo.
2. Grid it: Sarah's Grid of vintage flashcards is simple and modern and we love how it wraps around the corner.
3. Pop Art: a lawnmower or anything else seemingly ordinary is always a nice surprise and a good dowse of humor.
4. Do it With Paint: Instead of worrying about art, let the architecture speak for itself and highlight it with a bright pop of color like this yellow maks the shelves a total focal point.
5. Go Big, Go Art: Max and Gen bought this piece off of a friend of theirs in the LA art scene. It's perfect above their sofa and is an interesting piece--any guesses as to what it is ;)

Images: 1. The Big Book of Small Spaces 2. Bethany Nauert 3. Teri Lyn Fisher 4. Leah Moss 5. Vicente Wolfe 6. and 7. Jessica Watson 8. Dana Miller 9. Laure Joliet 10. Leah Moss 11 and 12 Bethany Nauert 13. Dana Hughes 14. Domino 15. VT Wonen 16. Tim Meledeo 17. Sarah Coffey 18. Adrienne Breaux 19. Bethany Nuaert 20. Laure Joliet

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