Best of Before & After: Successful Projects

Best of Before & After: Successful Projects

Janel Laban
Feb 16, 2009


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This month on AT, we're all tackling projects for our homes. Whether big or small, we know that nothing you do for your home is ever wasted, so we're hoping that all our DIY posts have gotten you fired up. We think one of the best forms of inspiration is seeing good results (and where the project started) so we've pulled some great "Before and Afters" from our archive. Enjoy! Check out the pics above & links below:

Top Row, left to right:

1) Before and After: Robin's Kitchen
2) Before and After: Bathroom Storage
3) Before and After: Incorporating a Flat Screen TV into a Bookcase
4) Before and After: Bedroom
5) Before and After: Ana's Landing Strip

Bottom Row, left to right:
6) Before and After: Decluttered Dining Area
7) Before and After: Dining Room Lighing
8) Before and After: Our Kitchen/Office Space
9) Before and After: Katzies' Reupholstered Chair
10) Before and After: A $1400 IKEA Kitchen Makeover

And here are a few more good ones:
Before and After: Ana's Lights
Before and After: How To Redo a Chandelier
Before and After: Meredith's Black Living Room

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