If you followed our Room for Color Contest back in October, you'll remember that Joshua won with his muted teal walls. And although Pantone named Turquoise its Color of the Year for 2010, it seems that the mellower, blue-green Teal was the color of choice for the Apartment Therapy crowd.

Teal can be hard to isolate, landing between turquoise and peacock on the blue side and jade and verdigris on the green side. But it's easy to pair with an amazing range of colors: from neutrals to reds, purples and golds, teal plays well with others. At its best, teal is jewel-toned and evocative of the sea; at worst, it can veer dangerously toward 1980s Miami (not that there's anything wrong with that?). These examples of the Apartment Therapy community using teal in 2010 are firmly in the former category, rich, vibrant and classy uses of the color.