Best of: Geeky Ways to Woo Your Valentine

Searching for last minute Valentine's Day ideas? We like this faux Lite Brite website that lets you create a design in your web browser. Why not sneak onto your loved one's computer tomorrow and leave them a cute note?

Click through for more geek-inspired romancing.

  • Make a website professing your love, or do like Slashdot's founder, propose on your blog.
  • Make a mix tape for the 21st century. Borrow their iPod and make a playlist of your favorite songs. Or, if you can't get your hands on their iPod, there's always the trusty mix CD. (We also like these Mix Cd Packaging Kits from Chronicle Books, available at Barnes & Noble.)
  • Are you crafty? This LED flower vase (shown left), is a great way to show off your tech prowess, as well as your sensitive side.
  • And if all else fails, there's always a pink electronic to buy. Cause you know a Dyson becomes a romantic present if it comes in pink.