Best of Setting Up Home Month: Getting Settled in Style

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Setting Up Home: Stylish & Sophisticated First Homes
10 Things to Save on When You're Setting Up a Home
Best Dorm Rooms from the Archives
Stylist Tricks You Can Use In Your Home
New Lease Deal Breakers
Survey: How Much Is Your Monthly Rent or Mortgage?
Setting Up Home: 5 Essentials for a First Bedroom
Lessons Learned from Your First Apartment
Our Top 5 Deal Breakers For New Spaces
10 Things To Check Before You Buy A Home
Starting Small: What To Do If You Can't Afford It Now
Downsizing: Tips For Paring Down For A Small Space
5 Non-Permanent Ways to Personalize Sans Paint
Downsizing Solution: Double-Duty Rooms
How Much Square Footage Do You Require?

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