Roundup: 10 Best Green Concepts

Roundup: 10 Best Green Concepts

Sonia Zjawinski
Feb 5, 2009

The Greener Gadgets Conference, which happens in New York on February 27th, is hosting a design competition through the 20th. They've compiled fifty concept products that you can vote for on their site. The ten most popular designs will be awarded at the conference. A few of the designs have already shown up on Unplggd, including the Blight Venetian shades, the ReCompute, and a printer that uses old coffee and tea as ink. After the jump we roundup our ten favorite ideas submitted to the GG competition. What are your faves?

A power socket that's made with digital tech in mind. Most sockets are designed with an output of 120 volts, what analog devices use. Most digital devices have a five volt input. This plug would allow you to plug your digital devices straight into the socket without needed a 120v-to-5v converter cable.

An apartment buzzer/intercom system that lets you send out voice-top-text messages to your neighbors. These pings are meant to harness community sharing/recycling.

One end of the hourglass features solar panels and collects solar energy during the day. The other end is composed of a series of LED lights for nighttime illumination. When fully charged, its NiMh Battery can illuminate 12 LED bulbs for up to 8 hours. A photo resistor on the solar panel side turns on the light as soon as you turn this side downwards.

A rocking chair that powers the LED lamp attached to it through its rocking motion.

"While re-engineering and re-designing a salad spinner, we learned resourceful women were buying salad spinners to wash their delicates." This sparked the idea for the Laundry POD which allows people to do a small load quickly and not waste tons of water, energy or a trip to the laundromat.The hand cranked spinning washes gently, rinses, and then extracts water.

A Venetian blind with flexible solar cells that suck in energy during the day and use it to power low power electroluminescent foil on the blinds at night.

A replacement for the in-sink garbage disposal, the CompostALL composts food waste sent down the drain rather than sending into municipal water systems. The mulched food is sent to a removable container under the sink. An alert light on the sink top power button tells you when the container is full so you can empty it into an outdoor compost bin.

A battery recharger in the shape of a flower pot that uses solar energy to juice up dry cells.

Plop this doodad in the water and you can use a river's hydro power to charge up your cell phone or light source while camping. Stick it in the ground to get wind power. It can generate 12 volts of power.

A small water meter device made to tell you just how much water you use in the shower or when you wash your dishes. Attaches to a shower or kitchen tap and draws its power from the water stream).

Vote for your favorites at the Greener Gadgets Design Competition site.

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