Best of the Guide 2005: Kitchen & Bath Hardware Stores

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Top Hardware: In what can only be considered a photofinish we had a big smash up at the end of the voting here. Aside from Broadway Panhandler's handy victory (and they're not even primarily a hardware store!), we will have to see if a someone breaks away next year.

Best Kitchen & Bath Hardware:
1. Waterworks
1. Home Depot
1. Expo Home Center
2. Simon's Hardware & Bath
2. George Taylor on Franklin St
3. Urban Archaeology
3. Smolka Kitchen & Bath Hardware

Best Nobs & Pulls only:
1. Broadway Panhandler
2. Anthropolgie
2. Ikea
2. Restoration Hardware
3. Bauerware in San Fran
3. Gracious Home
3. Liz's Antique Hardware
3. White Chapel in Wyoming

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