Best of Three: Chicago House Tours

Email from 8.27.08

Before I tip you into these three remarkable house tours, that also happen to have been absolute hits with our readers, I want to put in a good word for the latest edition of ID magazine, which I had the pleasure of reading from cover to cover last night. It continues to be intelligent, beautifully photographed, innovative and feisty. Check out BMW's Gina skin car, TAF Design, and Julie Lasky's diatribe against internet publications on page 16. She's dead on. The only problem is you can't read it, because it's not yet online. But it IS worth buying...

Name: Marilyn and Peter (
Location: Skokie, Illinois
Type: Ranch home, owned
>> AT Book Alert: Update on Marilyn and Peter
>> Finalist Entry - Marilyn and Peter's Home Studio Harmony


Name: Melissa & Matt
Location: Riverwest
Size: 550 sq/ft
Years lived in: 1
>> House Tour: Melissa and Matt's Design Lab
>> Book Update on Melissa and Matt


Name:Joseph D.
Location: Wicker Park, Bosworth Ave.
Size: 400 square feet
>> Joseph D.'s Wicker Park Nest