Best of Three: DIY Potracks

Email from 6.30.08

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This past weekend I hung my second pot rack in three months. It's the same pot rack, it's a great find and I really like how it's transformed our kitchen at home (below) and out at my family's summer house (above). While the pictures may not express it, the two racks have not only given us more accessible storage for pots and pans, they've considerably warmed up the kitchen areas and given them more dramatic focus. I thought I wouldn't like more visual clutter, but that just isn't a problem...

This one is called Concept Housewares Large Hanging Ceiling Pot Rack and you can find lots of them here for @ $125.

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Then I got thinking about other two pot racks. Both are DIY, and one I would copy. The other I would only talk about.

This one below is at a friend's house. It's made of copper tubing attached to the ceiling in his kitchen. It was installed by the previous owner and you can read all about it here: Look! Copper Tubing Makes Great Pot Rack.

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And then there was this one that Regina found last year: How To: Make a Bicycle Wheel Pot Rack. This is definitely the low end solution of the three.

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