Best of Three: NYC House Tours

Name: Alysia and David
Location: Harlem
Size: 2400 sqft, 4 bdrm brownstone
Favorite: the space and that it is finished!

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From Harlem, to Hoboken to Union Square, here are three amazing apartments put together by love, elbow grease, travel and a little help from Dwell Magazine. Enjoy!

Name: Adrienne
Location: East Union Square
Size: 550 sq. ft studio co-op
Years Lived in: 3.5 years

>> Adrienne is Not Afraid to Ship (7,495 views)

Name: Avery and Cortney
Location: Hoboken, NJ
Size: 780 sqft. 2 bedroom (2nd bedroom is now a living room)
Years lived in: 6 months, since the 9 month reno was finished

>> Avery and Cortney's Learning Curve (6,681 views)


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