Best Online Garden Fountain Sources 2008

Best Online Garden Fountain Sources 2008

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 6, 2008

We were turned on to the subject of fountains on our trip out here to California (the fountain above is in Sara Kate's mothers yard. It's from Jackalope). It's just starting to get warm on the East Coast, so it feels fitting to think about starting a project like this right now. Out here in California, however, they've got them running year round (I found the stunner of a fountain below outside a chiropractor's office in Berkeley)...

So I went hunting on the web to see what I could find if I were only a couch surfer and needed to know a lot in a short time. Turns out, the web really delivers. Below you'll find a list of some really good and some really diverse shops that sell garden fountains. Note: they're not all classy. The fountain business lends itself to some pretty awful creations. You've got to self edit, but there ARE good ones among the bad.

How To's: This is your first stop. The top link, in particular, is a good one for an attractive DIY

>> DIY water fountain out of terra cotta pots from Martha Stewart

>> How to make an outdoor fountain from

>> DIY three-tiered fountain using some lightweight planters from

>> How to build a fountain/container combination from

Less Common Retailers: These guys are fancy, unique or both

>> Stone Forest

>> Green Goddess

>> Piedmont Terra Cotta Fountains

More Common Retailers: These guys have all the stuff you'd expect, but WITH some good choices.

>> Garden Fountains

>> Kinetic Fountains

>> Simply Fountains

>> Prosperity Fountain

>> Reseda Pottery

If you're in Los Angeles or New Mexico

>> Jackalope Pottery

If you're on Long Island

>> Marders in Bridgehampton

Solar Fountain Pumps: I wanted to include this if only to point out that solar makes a lot of sense for powering these things.

>> Silicon Solar

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