I've been looking to upgrade our outdoor dining chairs for the past month. The ones' we've got are simple old Paris park folding chairs which I love, but they've become really run down from many years out in the weather. I've done my work, and I see some really nice designs, but can't yet pull the trigger. Though I'm seriously considering refinishing our existing chairs to get one more season out of them (probably a recessionary no brainer at this point), here are the front runners (got your own? put it in the comments!)....

>> The Luxembourg Side Chair by Frederic Sofia - $250 - I have a sweet spot for this chair since I saw it first in Paris five years ago, but I get a little scared they're too industrial for a home. The silver color would probably be best.

>> The Sunny Chair from CB2 - $70 (on sale!) - This was Sara's first choice on color, quality and price. The chair is comfortable and surprisingly heavy, which means to me that it's well made and should last a long time.

>> Folding Bistro Paris Park Chairs - $110 - This is what we have right now, just to give you a source. Our came from Smith and Hawken a long time ago and they no longer carry the same ones.

>> Sienna Chair from Smith & Hawken - $139 (on sale) - This is a heavier duty, teak version of the classic bistro design and the price is really quite good right now.

(Image credit: Maxwell Ryan)

>> The Rex Chair from CB2 - $70 - I still like this one. It's really comfortable, durable, cheap and light.

>> The Bellini Chair by Heller - $150 - This chair took us by surprise a few years back because it was so comfortable and indestructible. Used to be $99; it's gone up a bit.

>> The Alonzo Chair from DWR - $88 - This looks like a copy of the classic Bellini chair DWR used to sell, but it's nearly half the price!

>> Marais Chair - $250 & Tolix Cafe Chair - $225 - These are also on Sara Kate's top pick list, but they ain't cheap for very low manufacture style. Although the colors draw me in, I like the plain zinc finish best.

And here's one sent in by a reader and friend, Meg H.:

"We got these for outside and love them, nice mix of contemporary and teak: Broadway stacking arm chair

Broadway stacking arm chair by Sir Robin Day, manufactured by old-time UK teak company Lister. Nice sale price, though still expensive but investment for long-term."