Best Outdoor Dining Chairs 2012

Best Outdoor Dining Chairs 2012

Jason Loper
Jul 31, 2012

Last week we looked at the best outdoor dining tables on the market this year — but what's a table without seating? We're back this week with our look at the best outdoor dining chairs. From low priced IKEA to mid-range Crate and Barrel, these chairs are standouts for the design, quality and price.

Returning Favorites, left to right:
Bistro Folding Metal Chair from American Country Home Store, 2 for $198
Marais A Side Chair from Industry West, $145
Grasshopper Chair from Tectona, €270

New Additions, left to right:
Ada Chair from Industry West, $135
Balcony White Stacking Chair from Crate & Barrel, $65
Slatted Teak Chair from Terrain, $248
Stacking Armchair from Pier 1, $60
TARNO Folding Chair from IKEA, $15

The last time we took a comprehensive look at outdoor dining chairs, a wise reader chimed in with this advice:

Just some comments from someone who has made too many mistakes buying outdoor chairs:

1) Regarding 'surpisingly heavy' comment under C&B chairs. I have heavy outdoor chairs that are hard to pull out from the table, hard to tuck yourself under the table and are a bear to move around the yard. Beware of *too* heavy chairs for ease of use!
2) Note your outdoor surface and it's cracks/crevices. Some of these chairs have poky little feet that get stuck in cracks or between wood deck slats causing awkward moments for guests.
3) Arms vs. no arms -- sometimes (esp in small spaces) armless chairs make all the difference for being able to squeeze a few more people at the table.

That being said, I personally love the Light Blue Marais copy. I am adding them to my wish list to replace my heavy, poky-footed armchairs :)

- Robyn

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