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A few years ago I was in California and blown away by all the beautiful garden fountains that I saw. So I put together a little roundup post of all the places I could find that I could dream about going to one day to buy a fountain for our own home. Two years later, I still don't have one, but I'm getting closer and my shopper's eye has grown sharper. Here's my latest update with rich collection of sources. Enjoy!

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This pic is from 2008. The fountain above is in Sara Kate's mother's yard. It's from Jackalope.

Northern and Eastern folks have only half a year to fire up their fountains, but in the more temperate regions they run year round (I found the stunner of a fountain below outside a chiropractor's office in Berkeley)...

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The web really delivers. Below you'll find a list of some really good and some really diverse online shops that sell garden fountains. Note: they're not all classy. The fountain business lends itself to some pretty awful creations. You've got to self edit, but there ARE good ones among the bad.

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How To's: This is your first stop. The top link, in particular, is a good one for an attractive DIY

>> DIY water fountain out of terra cotta pots from Martha Stewart
>> How to make an outdoor fountain from Wikihow.com
>> DIY three-tiered fountain using some lightweight planters from bluegrassgardens.com
>> How to build a fountain/container combination from gardengatemagazine.com

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Less Common Retailers: These guys are fancy, unique or both

>> Mecox Gardens - a lot of these are unique, vintage finds
>> Elegant Earth - These people do a beautiful job with organically pigmented concrete, and have a detailed list of retailers which comprise good local leads for fountains
>> Compania Int'l - These folks are wholesalers, but have a great selection online as well as a great list of local retailers.
>> Stone Forest
Green Goddess

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More Common Retailers: These guys have all the stuff you'd expect, but WITH some good choices.

>> Garden Fountains
>> Kinetic Fountains
>> Simply Fountains
>> Prosperity Fountain
>> Reseda Pottery
>> Lamps Plus - these guys have added fountains to their lighting selection.
>> Water Fountain Place

If you're in Los Angeles or New Mexico

>> Jackalope Pottery

If you're on Long Island

>> Marders in Bridgehampton

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Solar Fountain Pumps: I wanted to include this if only to point out that solar makes a lot of sense for powering these things.

>> Silicon Solar