Get Ready for Cool Nights: Best Sources for Flannel Sheets

Get Ready for Cool Nights: Best Sources for Flannel Sheets

Carrie McBride
Oct 30, 2015
(Image credit: Garnet Hill)

There may be two types of sleepers: those who love flannel sheets and those who have yet to discover their love of flannel sheets. Maybe because I grew up in a big old house that was quite cold in the winter, I've always found flannel sheets to be a comforting antidote to crisp fall and winter nights. Here are the best sources I've found for great flannel sheets:

A note about flannel sheets: don't bother looking for the thread count. Flannel is measured by weight (ounces of cotton/square yard of fabric) and you'll mostly see 5 oz or 6 oz sheets with 6 oz being denser, warmer and, usually more expensive. Also, especially with new flannel sheets, you will notice some build-up of lint in your dryer lint trap so be sure to empty it after drying flannel sheets.

(Image credit: L.L. Bean)

L.L. Bean sells three types of flannel sheets: UltraSoft (5 oz, best value), Heritage (thickest and warmest) and Premium (6 oz), all made in Portugal. They have plenty of solids and plaids with a few traditional prints.

(Image credit: Coyuchi)

Coyuchi keeps it simple with just one kind of flannel sheet, but it's made from organic cotton and is weighted at 6 oz. It comes in four neutral solids which mix well with most duvets and comforters.

(Image credit: Lands End)

Lands' End has a variety of solid flannel sheets in 5 and 6 oz. weights as well as some plaids and prints. My favorite might be this colorful bird print.

(Image credit: Garnet Hill)

Garnet Hill built its business on European-style flannel bedding and have a wide selection of flannels for adults and kids. Of note is its line of Eileen Fisher flannels (shown top)and their Signature flannels which can be monogrammed.

(Image credit: Bed Bath & Beyond)

Bed Bath & Beyond, unsurprisingly, has a large selection of flannel sheets. My favorites are the heathered flannel collection in muted berry tones and the Pendleton flannel sheets (above).

(Image credit: The Company Store)

The Company Store, in addition to many prints, carries a fairly large selection of both 5 oz. and 6 oz. solid flannel sheets as well as plenty of flannel duvets. Shown above is a nice modern, organic print called Lindsey (available as sheets or a duvet).

(Image credit: Eddie Bauer)

Eddie Bauer offers plaid, solid (notably some saturated purples and blues) and, my favorite, heathered flannel in either gray or tan.

(Image credit: Target)

Target offers a selection of printed and solid flannel sheets under their Threshold name as well as some novelty prints. Many sets are under $30 and would make a good starter set.

(Image credit: PB Teen)

PB Teen has fun flannels like this Yeti print (above) as well as stripes and plaids, many suitable for adults (not that adults can't be Yeti-lovers).

(Image credit: Land of Nod)

The Land of Nod caters to kids but some of their fun flannel prints will appeal to grownups, too (like these Great White North sheets). It is also a good source for flannel fitted crib sheets.

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