Best Plants for Your Bathroom

Best Plants for Your Bathroom

Mar 20, 2008

Since we have a brown thumb, we've always stuck with easy, long-lasting orchids in our bathroom. But rumor has it that there are a lot of houseplants that thrive (and that will freshen the air and your spirits) in this room's typically tropical conditions of low light, warmth, and humidity. Jump below for a list, as well as a few that thrive in the rarer bright and sunny bathroom.

Plants for Bathrooms with No Light:
• Dieffenbachia
• Snake Plant

Plants for Low-Light Bathrooms:
• Bamboo
• Begonia
• Boston Fern
• Cast Iron Plant
• Chinese Evergreen
• Ficus Benjamina
• Heart-Leafed Philodendron
• Orchid
• Peace Lily
• Spider Plant

Plants for Bright and Sunny Bathrooms:
• Asparagus Fern
• Azalea
• Gardenia
• Kimberly Fern
• Orchid

(Edited from a post originally published 03.13.07)

Image: Livingetc

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