Best Products: Bona X Hardwood Refresher

Best Products: Bona X Hardwood Refresher

Janel Laban
Nov 20, 2006

Every 4-6 months, we "refresh" our hardwood floors with Bona X. It makes the floors look like new and it is super quick and painless.

It goes on smoothly and easily, doesn't streak or get blotchy - we were very nervous the first time we used it, but it has worked consistently for us for years. It is not stinky even if you do it with windows closed (like we did this past Saturday) and it dries in one hour.

Here's the drill for our main room:

  • Move whatever furniture you can, roll up the carpets (10 min.)
  • Sweep sweep sweep - do a really good job here (20 min.)
  • Wash the floors well and let them dry (20 min.)
  • Apply the Hardwood Refresher with the applicator mop (10 min.)
  • Let dry for an hour (60 min.)

    Two hours and you have a fantastic looking wood floor again with no lingering odors. It is the perfect chore for when you really want your place to look great - totally worth the fairly minimal time and effort for the glossy results.

    We've bought Bona X all over, but most recently we purchased it at Restoration Hardware.

    It's around $15. - 20. for the 32. oz bottle. Available online at Amazon for $18.39 or for $15.99.

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