Best Product: Crown Bulbs

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Better than a lampshade. Big believers in indirect lighting, we stumbled upon the ever useful crown bulb years ago and began using them to light up out of the way places where we didn't want or couldn't fit a lampshade.

The crown bulb is a regular bulb that looks like it has been dipped in silver...

The silver coating serves to totally block light from coming through, while reflecting it back towards the fixture and wall. They look beautiful when mounted on a wall by themselves or in a long series. They provide beautiful light and no glare. Experimenting with them is best, as sometimes they can illluminate a wall or ceiling that doesn't look good at all. These are a cheap, stylish and modern solution.

If you have used crown bulbs or have good ideas for them, leave a comment below... (Re-edited from 2004-07-27, MGR)

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