Best Product: MyPublisher Photobooks

Best Product: MyPublisher Photobooks

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 7, 2007

Create your own coffee table books of your favorite photo subject with MyPublisher Photobooks. These full-color photobooks include the ability to print a photo to the edge of the paper, just like a book or magazine, and come in a variety of sizes and capacities.

MyPublisher has great features like the ability to order reprints of your book at any point in the future--it's stored on their server--and ships in 4 days or less.

For our friend LeAnn, during her fight with cancer (she won!), we had friends email us pictures of fun times and encouraging words to include in the captions. Then we had it delivered to her house, completely unbeknownst to her.

The books start at $9.95 for 20 pages in a PocketBook size with up to 240 photos. Additional pages start at $.49.

Use the coupon code VAL2550, good until June 30, 2007, to receive 25% off orders over $50 and 50% off orders over $100.


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