Best Product: Retractable Indoor Clotheslines

Best Product: Retractable Indoor Clotheslines

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 24, 2008

Visiting the parents a few weeks ago in Florida, we had the pleasure of using a retractable clothesline in our bathroom (see pic above). Simple in design and able to disappear in a jiffy, we thought this remained a great way to dry clothes with needing bulky drying racks....

One side has a strong nylon cord with a button which pulls out of the housing and can be pulled across and attached to the plate opposite. Regular reach is about 8' and the cord tension is strong enough to hang heavy, wet clothes.

On arriving home, we did some searching online in order to roundup a bunch of sources for home shoppers. Here is a list of what we found:

Polished Chrome for $35
Clothesline Shop for $23
Lehign (plastic) for $7
Franklin Brass for $21
Whitey Design for $23

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