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The cream of the crop. Many years ago we read about Fleur de Sel being the finest, most expensive salt available, and the only one that good chefs allow on their food. We also read that it was harvested by hand, skimmed from the top of salt water marshes in Guerande, Normandy. There was a picture too, of a male model (or so it looked) carefully raking up the salt in his bare feet.

So we ran around downtown until we found a small bag of the stuff at what used to be Balducci's, and we inspected. Sure enough, the slightly wet, grey crystals smelled like a rich, salty sea and exploded with salty flavor when they hit your tongue. As a bonus, in our first bag we found what resembled a real, dark, French nose hair. This stuff was authentic!

We know of no salt that compares to this one. It will simply transform your eating experience. Today, you can find Fleur de Sel all over town, but watch out for imititations. The proper Fleur de Sel ("flower of salt") comes only from Guerande and should not be confused with Carmargue or Sel de Gris. MGR

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