Best Products: IKEA Groland Butcher Block Island

Best Products: IKEA Groland Butcher Block Island

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 30, 2007

IKEA strikes again. In the quick apartment makeover we are doing we're going hi and low, and really excited about some of the items we've found. This one is a particular standout: the Groland Butcher Block Island, which will only set you back $199...

This thing is heavy and has nice details in the stainless steel towel racks on both sides, stainless cuffs on the feet and the woven wood lower shelf.

We've been sanding and oiling it for the past few days and the top is getting dark and rich.

Don't get us wrong, we love the John Boos blocks, particularly the Cucina D'Amico Butcher Block and the Cucina Americana Work Table Collection, which looks somewhat similar. But for $1,200 we'd rather save the money here and spend it elsewhere.

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