Best Products: Ikea Countertop With Vika Legs

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We just built one for our office.

In the annals of great Ikea DIY products, this desk/table solution is one of our favorites, as well as one that is so clean that it can fit into a fancy home or a student's digs.

Take the Vika Inge legs by Olle Lundberg which will only run you $40 and, rather than fiberboard & laminate, skip over to the kitchen section and get the Pronomen solid wood countertops which will only run you about $49 and come in multiple lengths and widths. Then put the two together.

The desk/table that results is extremely sturdy, minimal in appearance, and customizable with paint or stain. Because you are using countertops the wood is very, very hard and you will have to pre-drill your holes, but it allows you to make a very long table or cut it down to fit any space.

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