Best Products: John Boos Cucina D'Amico Butcher Block

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Block hard. We realize we are going way upscale with this one, but we saw this last week at a friend's house, used it and liked it more than any other (except for Ikea's - solely on price).

Combining the warm wood of a high class butcher block with the cool stainless steel of a commercial kitchen, this butcher block (forget the silly name) by John Boos is perfect in our eyes...

We would take the wheels off and use this as a steady centerpiece in the kitchen or use it to separate kitchen from dining room in an open plan. The block is made of hard rock Maple, the stainless steel piping is easy to clean (because it's round), and the whole thing weighs a hefty 134 lbs. Available for @ $800 at Cutlery and More and $750 at Chef's Resource, and $729 at Pro Kitchen.

(ReEdited from 2004-11-10 - MGR)

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