Best Products: Method Laundry Detergent

Best Products: Method Laundry Detergent

Stephanie Kinnear
Nov 16, 2007

It smells so nice.

Because the detergent is concentrated, the bottle is so much smaller than the gigantic vat of Tide we used to lug home from Costco, and it cleans just as many loads.

(From the Method web site: Every year over 400 million gallons of water are wasted to dilute laundry detergents. More water means more plastic wasted on giant plastic bottles that eventually find their way to landfills. Now that's dirty laundry.)

The ingredients are biodegradable and naturally derived.

The stuff really gets our clothes all nice and clean. And, besides ...

We really like Method and what they're all about.

We also like the fact that this is a green cleaning solution targeted to the masses: You don't have to go to a natural grocer to find it (Target carries tons of Method products), it's competitively priced ($8), and there's no sign of Ed Begley Jr., a leaf, a tree, or a planet earth anywhere on the label.

Heck! People who couldn't care less about the environment might actually buy Method detergent by mistake.

We know that there are even greener ways to get the laundry done -- but this stuff is still great because we think we could easily convince our green (but not make-their-own-detergent green) parents to make the switch from their tried and true brand to Method.

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