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Solid State & Spicy. Most pepper mills stink. We hate the plastic and lucite modern ones that get cloudy over time, as well as the wooden ones that seem to collect the grime of the kitchen and are tricky to clean. In fact we hate the premise that pepper mill and salt shaker should be matchy-matchy, since these two amazing condiments do not need to be any cuter.

In all our days, the best pepper mill we have ever had is the aluminum Perfex. It grinds perfectly. It is easy to clean. It never needs tightening. It is a classic, and as far as we can tell, has no competition. It also costs more, but is well worth the price.

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Perfex 4-in. Pepper Mill

Perfex 4-in. Pepper Mill

The Perfex Pepper Mill has been manufactured using the same quality materials and classic design for 50 years. It's is housed in an aluminum casing with a pull-out chute for easy refilling. The metal grinding mechanism that provides a wide range of even grinds. A quick turn of the dial, located at the bottom, changes the grind texture. Imported from France.