Best Products: STRIPA Wall Shelf at IKEA

Best Products: STRIPA Wall Shelf at IKEA

Mar 28, 2007

While we're not exactly big fans of IKEA's furniture (particle board, its apparent disposable nature), we will make the trek to the big box store for a few items. One of them is the STRIPA Wall Shelf. We like the simple design, its lip, the fact that it's made of wood, and that multiples can be connected to each other. We're toying with the idea of using one as a landing strip, as well as in our bathroom for art and small items, and above our kitchen sink.

However, in the past, because we neglected to check for wall studs, they fell down in the middle of the night, so we recommend hanging them carefully.

Available in white, aspen, or oak. $6.99 at IKEA stores, but not online.

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