Best Products: Macy's Hotel Collection Towels

Best Products: Macy's Hotel Collection Towels

Mar 6, 2007

Good towels are really worth investing in. Pick the wrong ones, and you'll just end up replacing them because they feel scratchy, or they don't dry you off after your shower, or they end up discolored.

According to a designer friend, her friend, and their clients, the best towels are Macy's Hotel Collection "Microcotton" Luxury Towels and Hotel Collection "Finest" Bath Towels. Both collections are thick and lush, soft, absorbent, and durable.

The Microcotton towels are priced from $10-$50, and available in 16 colors. The Finest towels are available in four neutrals, and range from $15-$75 ($11.99-$59.99, on sale).

03/08: Please see our updated post here

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