Best Remote Control Storage Solutions

Best Remote Control Storage Solutions

Gregory Han
Feb 11, 2008

You've got the mega audio video entertainment setup of justice...and a rag tag collection of fugly remotes to show for it on your desk. Here's some ways to keep those remotes from disappearing like your socks in the hamper...

  • LAX Series Coffee Table: Personally, we think one of the best storage solutions for remote control storage is to keep it hidden away completely, and this LAX Coffee Table does it in stylish fashion.
  • The Remote Rack: A pretty simple premise: a board with velcro. That's it. In fact, we'd say you might be well off purchasing your own velcro, applying it to the bottom of your coffee table, and hiding your remotes underneath.
  • Remote Organizer: Kind of ugly-cool, this arcing remote storage solution keeps everything tidy while reminding everyone you need to stop going to Best Buy so often.
  • Remote Control Holder and Organizer: Something about this makes me think this would be the Federation sanctioned solution you'd find on Captain Picard's desk. Make it so!
  • Audiosensor turns your table into an AV controller: This solution is a bit more involved, but we think we're going to see more integration of remotes/computers with furnishings in the near future (we're trying to do this ourselves with our stereo cabinet using a touch screen).
  • Acrylic Clicker Caddy: You won't be able to see the remote caddy itself, but your mishmash of remotes are still visible unfortunately. At least they'll be organized.

After going through the time to list all these remote control storage solutions, we're even more adamant and recommend you dump all your remotes and just get yourself a programmable universal remote. Our Logitech Harmony 880 has banished the clutter and we simply keep the charger hidden away underneath our seating (we only need to charge the remote 1-2 times a week). Because really, none of these solutions above are going to make your table or setup look all that great (except the hideaway coffee table, which is awesome for remotes, magazines, and video game controllers).

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