Best Rug for Living Room in Rental?

Best Rug for Living Room in Rental?

Colleen Quinn
Sep 29, 2009

Q: What kind of rug would look good in my living room? The living room is 14 feet by 10.6 feet with a corner fireplace. The couch is 8 feet long. I am only renting so I can't change the ugly beige carpet. Any other suggestions for the living room (change furniture arrangement etc)? FYI - I can't remove the ceiling fan (at least it's white), I need to keep the corner cushions on the table until I find another table because of my son.

Sent by Michelle

Editor: Michelle- What a great space! You have some wonderful pieces, and we recommend a bright, colorful rug to help tone down that sea of beige. Also, the pictures over the couch look rather high- you might want to consider lowering them on the wall. Any other suggestions readers?

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