Best Small Toilets 2008: Toto, Duravit, Kohler

Best Small Toilets 2008: Toto, Duravit, Kohler

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 4, 2008

Duravit Starck 2

Okay, you've got a tiny bathroom but you want it to be really, really nice. Where can you find a beautiful small toilet that will fit in? OR, say you're just really space challenged, where can you go to look at some alternatives to the standard horses you usually park in your stall? Below is our best list from all our sites to date...

  • The Starck 2 Toilet
    My favorite looking toilet, Starck 2 has been installed by posters to this site: All in one version and in Two piece "space saving" (you need larger than normal air space in your wall or you need to build your wall out thereby losing space) wall mounted version - Jamie Pup

  • Toto Aquia
    Gotta add the Toto Aquia to the list. It's relatively new, but it's available. Small tank, very nice design, and also a water-saving dual-flush model (so it has a smaller, 0.9 gal flush as well as a regular). Pilgrim

  • Kohler Rialto
    ...quite pleased. It is compact and flushed well. I would purchase it again if I were re-doing another bathroom. - Lonnstrom

  • Toto Dorian
    It's great, nice and small and uses very little water. It has "power flush" and is really quiet. Sasha

  • Purist Hatbox Toilet from Kohler
    ...You know, it sort of looks like sitting on a small trash can. But it is small.- AT

  • Duravit Happy D
    ...projects 21.25" from the wall but I think it runs around $1000 and requires a plumber to install the tank inside the wall. - Yen Ha

  • Toto Ultimate
    The best small medium priced toilet I've heard of is the Toto ultimate (about 250$ 2 1/2 years ago). I polled residents in my building when I needed to change to a low flow model upon purchasing a unit I'd been renting and this model won. - Jonathan D.

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