Best Sources for Cheap (and Cheap-ish) Hammocks

Best Sources for Cheap (and Cheap-ish) Hammocks

Laure Joliet
Jul 9, 2008

We're ready for some serious laying around this summer, and nothing is better than a hammock for being lazy, ice tea and great book in hand. We've been looking around and have found some great resources for cool, cheap hammocks. Check em out:


1) Don't forget about your local army surplus store. They normally have 2-3 different options that are sturdy, have that cool utilitarian vibe, and are pretty inexpensive. This one we found on Army Surplus Store and is only $22.

2) Overstock has a bunch of hammocks, including the freestanding kind. But this Tequila Sunrise Double Hammock is our favorite for the colors and the price ($79).

3) Pottery Barn's Chesapeake Hammock and Stand are now on sale for $250 for both.

4) This Home Hammock and Stand set is from Target and is $99 for the set. Target has a bunch of other options all for under $100.

5) Brazillian Hammocks have a good reputation for being really comfortable. This one from fits 2 people, is eco friendly and goes for $39-$79 depending on the color you want.

6) Island Joe's has some fun retro inspired fabrics for their hammocks. This one is the Beringer Chocolate Fabric Hammock and is just $69. We also like it in peacock.

Do you have a hammock, or are you planning to buy one? Any other tips you want to throw into the ring?

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