15 Huge Hampers For Super-Size Laundry Days

15 Huge Hampers For Super-Size Laundry Days

Tess Wilson
Apr 29, 2015
(Image credit: Meg Padgett)

Shortly after I moved in with my partner, I did a bunch of laundry and basked in the joy of An Empty Hamper...only to have him come home and fill it to the brim with one day's-worth of work clothes. We're gonna need a bigger hamper...

Of course, not everyone works a brutally physical job outdoors year-round in the Midwest (in below-zero weather this requires a LOT of clothing for warmth, and in the warmer months this necessitates a LOT of clothing for protection from fire, thorns, chemicals, etc), but I know I'm not alone. When I wrote Laundry Supplies: 19 Insanely Handy Helpers, commenter sprayfaint wrote, "Every hamper I see is WAY too small for my use — how often do people do laundry?? I'd love to evolve from bags-on-the-floor but these just won't cut it." Here are 15 generously-proportioned hampers for everyone from folks with dirty jobs to those who can't schlepp to the laundromat every two days.


  1. Cheap & Chic: How To Make a French-Vintage-Inspired Wire Hamper- you can make this as large as you like!
  2. Round Laundry Hamper, Target, $80.99 (32.5x21x21-in)
  3. Woven Hamper, africanbaskets on Etsy, $$229 (21x35.4-in)
  4. Quad Laundry Sorter, Target, $29.99 (33.13x32.5x15-in)
  5. Bamboo Triple Hamper, West Elm, $69 (22x20x26-in)


  1. SKUBB Laundry Bag, IKEA, $8.99 (8.6x21.6x25.6-in/21 gallon)
  2. Large Pop Open Hamper, Target, $12.59 (23.6x18.5x23.6-in)
  3. Whitmore Commercial Hamper, Target, $53.99 (32x23.6x32-in)
  4. Steele Hamper, West Elm, $129 (18x12x35-in)
  5. Laundry Center with Rack, Bed Bath & Beyond, $149.99 (22x34x49.25-in)


  1. Quad Laundry Sorter, Bed Bath & Beyond, $39.99 (38x16x33-in)
  2. Triple Storage Bin, Container Store, on sale for $37.99 (35.5x17.75x31.5-in)
  3. Dixon Large Bamboo Hamper, Crate & Barrel, $169.95 (25x16x24-in)
  4. Grey Laundry Cart, Restoration Hardware, $245 (21.25x30.75x31-in)
  5. Steele Elevated Basket, Cart-Depot (the Steele webshop isn't working), $118.10 (31.5x21.5x28.5-in/6 bushels)- please note that if you're really serious, Steele makes carts that could accommodate the entire cast of Annie!

How do you deal with large amounts of laundry?

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