Ideas for My Tiny Dubai Studio?

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Q: I am about to move to a 400 square foot studio in a very nice neighborhood. As with many studios, the main concern how to fit everything in such a tiny space! The good thing is that I don't own any furniture. I have only recently bought a queen size bed with a lot of storage space underneath. I think it is good choice, as storage will definitely be an issue.

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I would like to add a sofa, a coffee table, a dining table and 2 to 4 chairs, a shelf, and maybe a TV. I am thinking of installing a lot of wall shelves to compensate for the lack of space and to have more storage (e.g. a wall shelf above the bed to compensate for the lack of side table).

Also, I would like to have a creative wall, painted in a different color, with wall shelves, and other cool creative stuff. The picture shows my current idea for the layout, with the bed in the only available corner, without blocking the closet doors or the door to the balcony.

Any idea of how I could improve the layout?
Any creative ideas for the "creative wall"?
Should I separate the kitchen from the rest of the studio with a curtain?
For the big windows: curtain or blinds?

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